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Van Dweller

Van Dwellers are traditionally those that live without a house: using instead a van for basic dwelling. A more powerful and targeted strategy is known as Vanabode™ - happily abide in a four wheel box shaped vehicle providing housing and transportation. Author Jason Odom and family has traveled over 730,000 miles in 16+ years doing just that. Follow the rarely understood simple rules of the road that they outline in the new book Vanabode™ and you will go further on less for longer.

The book contrasts nearly every major form of lifestyle used in the US, including motorhomes, homeless, backpackers, condos, squatters dwellings, houseboats, campers, travel trailers, car camping, tents, renting, mortgaged houses, etc. The book is indisputable proof that the Vanabode™ housing and travel technique is far superior to all others. Why? Mostly because it is safer than most, faster than all, cheaper than many, can be done longer, and is unquestionably more fun. Van dwellers have it made and they do it super cheaply.

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To experience the best that a van dweller has do not neglect the Essentials of a Great Life. If you fail to address these you will fail. Period. The Essentials of a Great Life include Great Food, Good Sleep, Good Personal Hygiene, Healthy Sex, and Fun. There are complete chapters in the book covering each of these van dweller topics. There is also information on hundreds of places to work many ways to earn money while van dwelling if you need financial support.

Vanabode Van Dwellers Lifestyle is Extraordinary

From gorgeous beaches to the heavily forested mountains; from tiny ghost towns to modern marvels; from sweet upscale art shows to breath taking national parks; you can have it all on less than you spend staying home and doing nothing!

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Shown are fine art galleries, California beaches, museums, dog fights porcupine, Zion, Kelly on Mount Charleston. If you Vanabode the way I lay it out for you in the book you will have time to do whatever YOU want to do, and you will have the money to do it FOREVER.

Buy Vanabode and experience the rush right now or visit Van Dwellers for more details on this incredible lifestyle. You will not be disappointed when it comes to Van Dweller.


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