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Travel Camping Help

This is a list of questions those on my email list have asked my help with. Anyone purchasing a copy of Vanabode has access to me for any help they need. Below: This is what camping near Ormond Beach in Florida along the river in Tomoka State Park looks like just before sunset. Consider getting your own copy of Vanabode to make it easier to get out and enjoy sights like this.

  tomoka state park camping picture

Work, Jobs, Money, Income Strategies and Solutions

Working from the road issues earning a living while living in different parts of the country each year.
Earning money while traveling covers three different options for work strategies.
Saving money on food while traveling covers how to get free food, toiletries and condiments forever.
Travel jobs shows some of the work opportunities that I have emailed buyers of my book.

Coping with Lifestyle Choices and Changes

I am not from United States? Will Vanabode still work for me? Will the book help me travel here?
I want to simplify
should I pay to store my furniture? What about my keepsakes and photo albums?
What about healthcare? Understand that your health is in your hands not your employers.
You do not need a house to be happy. Understand why owning a house is not the American dream.
When should I retire and travel? How much money is enough? Class B instead of a Vanabode?
Sell out and travel NOW? What about my house? What about my business?
Single woman traveling alone is it safe? How do I ensure that I remain as safe as I am at home?
Disposing of human waste while camping explains additional strategies for getting rid of fecal matter.
Getting mail while traveling strategies are covered in the Vanabode book, they are cheap and effective


Cooking while camping without propane explains why propane is fast and easy but can be dangerous.


Parking in San Francisco how to sleep in your Vanabode wherever you want without getting hassled.
Free parking for a fifth wheel questions concerning just what Vanabode offers those without a van
Off Grid Communities you can trade labor for living expenses short or long term, food and parking

Vehicle Choices and Legal Issues

What is the best camping vehicle describes various reasons why I use exactly what I use to Vanabode.
Long wheel base verses short wheel base van for city stealth camping and comfort
Vanabode strategies without a van used by families with more than 2 people living together
Mini Van camping verses using a real Vanabode
Registering your Vanabode how to handle "you need to register your van in my state", Policeman
Is it legal to live in your car and also addresses mail and comfort issues plus free camping

Vanabode interior construction, equipment

Vanabode construction details on various questions, concerning mainly the interior, bed, shower, toilet
Vanabode bed construction pictures and details on layout and toilet plus storage
Condensation and insulation how to avoid any condensation without insulation while sleeping in a van.
Various interior questions including water, screens, leveling, storage
Power while camping details concerns about power issues when traveling cheap

Other Questions about Vanabode

Paperback printed Vanabode book - where can I buy a printed version of the book?
Camping when it is hot explains how I (avoid) dealing with hot muggy weather without using AC
Camp travel with pets covers issues that are important for traveling and living with animals on the road
Vanabode money back guarantee offered? I am afraid to spend the money in case it is not for me.

Please email me anytime if you need help with anything related to Vanabode, camping, travel, road trips, equipment, or living off the grid in the United States.


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